Who is Tony Sargeant?

Before the age of 28, there was nothing special about me. But in 1980, I was on a two week intensive martial arts summer camp, involving hours of vigorous physical and mental training each day, which pushed my mind and body beyond normal limits. One evening, so exhausted that I hardly had the energy to walk, I suddenly had what I can only consider as the biggest awakening one could imagine.

From that night on I had a psychic awareness: it was the beginning of my journey.
Over the years my psychic awareness has strengthened, and I thank my Italian great- grandmother for passing on these amazing abilities as she, too, had the same psychic gifts

I have dedicated the last thirty years to helping others; I offer one to one readings, email readings, and also phone readings. My travels have taken me to five continents of the world where I have given personal readings to whomever required knowledge of where their path may take them.

I am still today fascinated with each reading because until you ask me to read for you I know nothing of what will unfold. The process of unfolding helps me see clear answers and pass this knowledge on for you to use.

Those in the spirit world can guide us and tell us what they see for our future path; you ultimately hold the key to how you use this information.

As a dedicated psychic, I realise that when a person asks for a reading it is because they are at a point where they need direction and answers: they need the reassurance, and may take a decision that could totally change their life.

I work very differently from most psychics, in that you can ask me up to three questions which allow me to focus on the topics that you are seeking advice.

I have many people who come back year after year to have a personal reading as they trust me to give clear points about what is on their mind at that time.

See what others have said about my different readings to them, and let me do the same for you by whatever reading method you choose.

I do hope you decide to use my psychic reading service.


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