Skype – 2 – Skype Reading World wide

Questions about your future?

Thinking of changing your career?

Concerned about relationships?

Would like to know more about your path in life?

Look no further, Tony is just a click or call away

When you contact Tony please include any questions that you would like him to elaborate on. These questions can be on any aspect of your life that you need guidance. Once question’s and payment are received Tony will send your contact time to be agreed.

The cost for a Skype reading is £35.00

What Tony’s clients say:

“Oh my God Tony, I can’t believe you have already picked up on me losing my job as I was only told late Friday that my position is at risk.”

Jayne Bruce, Liverpool

“Tony telling me that he sensed I was becoming very run down. He happened to mention this on the most hectic week of my year, and yes, that’s exactly how I was feeling. Of all things he could have told me during this week, he certainly hit the nail on the head. His attention to this matter made me take a little more care of myself during this particular week. It was actually quite comforting to know that someone was very aware of my stress during this particular week, and it helped me get through the week much better than in previous years.”

Judith Phillips, America

* Images donated by Alison Clews Photography – for more information or to purchase please visit


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