Understanding the Psychic

“I have known Tony for many years and listened and watched as he explained or showed things that were far beyond me, and because they were so far beyond I wondered if they were real. As time has gone on, my insights into life have led me to believe they were real. Reality is based on our perceptions in life, in our belief system. You must decide what you want in your reality – is it truth or entertainment you seek?”

“The eagle knows what it is to fly – but it can’t tell you. It’s our own inability to understand that is the block. Wherever it comes from, whatever the great truth is, this is his – and it works.”

“Once, in north-west Russia, snow still thick on the cold earth outside, we were at a farewell dinner in Tony’s honour. He’d given a few profound truths to one of the hosts and as he concluded he looked across the table at a man from Georgia, and he said ‘I see you do not believe’. Tony proceeded to slowly and clearly describe this total stranger’s most intimate life details – powerful details few would dare to speak. And, yes, they were all absolutely correct.”

“Try not to judge, try to remove the block from your own mind, try to be free; be the eagle, seek and realise the truth.”

Richard Small


Tony is an international psychic who has travelled five continents of the world and has already helped many to realise the possibilities accessible with psychic ability.

He gives talks to groups from all walks of life and, by demonstrating the different abilities within his versatile mind, has truly amazed them with his fine detail and deep understanding.

Unlike most psychics he tells his listeners the answers to questions in great detail which is pertinent and personal to them, both in present and future terms.

If someone asks for a one-to-one reading it is usually because they have a lot on their mind and they are really looking to the psychic for help; they hope to go away with information from which they can decide for themselves what path and action to take.

There are many questions from those asking for a reading e.g. will I get married, change my job, soon have money, find a partner etc. Some of these standard questions will be answered, but the finer detail of Tony’s insights takes them far beyond these basic questions.

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