How Psychics Communicate

For the listener, a true psychic can be many things. The psychic will be able to give far more to the listener than they ever might have imagined.

While TV ‘psychic shows’ tend to feature medium and clairvoyant skills, they tend to do very brief ‘readings’ with members of the audience, covering as many people as possible, heavily edited for broadcast.

What Tony specialises in is in taking his time over a reading, whether using medium or clairvoyance skills. He finds that a person generally only comes to a psychic when they are worried about the future, maybe having lost a loved one and needing to talk to that person in spirit.

Tony will tell you that a true world-class medium can make a connection almost like being on the end of a telephone line. Of course there are limits, but it can be taken much further than most would think or what is seen in quick demonstrations on television.

Someone who has passed over is a ‘spiritual being’ and does not have a physical body, although the outline of them as they were in this life can be seen by the psychic. They do not create sounds as we know it; true sound comes through by vibrations and only a tuned psychic can hear these vibrations in word form and is thus able to tell the listener what it is they are hearing.

Tony explains that the psychic giving the reading or channelling the conversation from spirit does not hear the words with their ears but through the chakras which are opened to perform this service. The words can come in very quickly and psychics can relay the messages as fast as they can say the message out loud: an amazing skill, talking and listening at the same time. Sometimes a psychic may hesitate when the spirit uses offensive language, which can happen a lot; after all they were human and in this life they would use the same words, and so it is in spirit. One does not become an angel if one were not so in life; contrary to what we may wish to think when passing over!

Not getting it quite right:

One of the main challenges the psychic faces is understanding what they are receiving correctly. There are a few things that can make it difficult.

The spirit’s ability to ‘master’ a clear vibration will affect how clearly the listener hears them, and this is why at times the names, places and items are not always clear when re-spoken by the psychic. The longer one is in spirit, normally the clearer they are.

The next difficulty is those who have accents. This can also make it very difficult to understand what they are saying, just as in ‘real life’.

One more very difficult position the psychic is put in, and I think the worst, is when the spirit world knows that they can be seen and heard. This is like an open door for any spirit, so what do they do is all ‘line up’, or even push in while the psychic is trying to give a message to one person from the spirit that first made contact. As soon as the door of the mind is open they all come rushing in to have their say. In many cases spirits will queue up and all we will hear is a mass of words and see many faces before us.

Tony says, “I have experienced spirits that want me to give a message to those who are not even in the room. Just because we are open they think we can automatically know who they want us to give the message to. This may sound harsh but we have to be firm and ask them to wait or even leave.”

“Then there are the spirits that do have someone in the audience. In life they may have been very used to ‘dominating’ and this will come through to the point of speaking over the spirit already speaking to the psychic. They normally win and we have to switch to another in the audience.”

Spirits learning to vibrate:

Tony explains, “When a person passes into the spirit world it is like being born again and they must learn how to make contact with the psychic world. This takes time and if they try to come through before they have mastered this way of speaking it is not going to be clear. We must remember they no longer have a physical body and that mouth actions, with voice as we know it, are not possible for them. Thus they need learn to talk by sending out a high frequency vibration.”


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